The Future of Collaborative Design is happening now!

To be in this World, one needs to be “ Of the World”

Working in today’s design world, global collaborative thinking and action are essential to advance many areas and disciplines of innovation and creativity.

Moving beyond individualistic work and localized collaboration, a large number of European & Asian design firms and companies are already working in a significantly more globally collaborative way than design firms in North America currently are.

In spite of some current world politics and policies that are moving to, or attempting to create, independent & isolationist attitudes, there is a counterflow growing in global collaboration and working together.

Particularly in creative areas, such as architecture and design, essentially applying collaborative innovation to Design Thinking and Computational Design.

Global ideas & creations are influencing how we live and interact with our planet and each other.

Advancing technologies have created a platform for Global input utilizing Cloud based collaboration and crowd sourced input via AR/VR allowing virtual collaboration on a global scale creating a scenario where innovation and design is developed both internally and externally, inclusive of end users, resulting in globally influential design.

On a recent business trip to Seoul, meetings with Samsung's creative teams, provided a glimpse into Samsung’s advanced global design thinking and their development of future interactive technologies.

Further meetings with Seoul based architecture & design colleagues and their firm’s, discussions were based upon global collaborative design processes and interaction to create designs for a globally influential and evolving market.

I have been very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work globally over that last 36 years, interacting with other people, cultures, and philosophies, providing global perspectives that greatly influences my design thinking and vision.

Interacting with and collaborating with architects, designers, manufacturer’s and artisans globally, on a continual basis has created a platform to constantly develop relationships in a number of areas and the potential for new concepts and visions.

We all have something creative to offer, through global communication and collaboration, our ideas have the potential to be the crucial piece that makes a design, product, service or project, globally successful.

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